Customer service solution for a global ERP software solutions provider.

Customer Service centered solution to a Global ERP software solutions provider


Our client is a leading global enterprise software solutions provider. The client’s customers receive a portfolio of support services to maximize value from their software solutions. The client’s technical team of engineers struggled with managing effective customer communications while providing support services.  

The communication gap between customers and the technical team caused several issues for the client.

Key Challenges;

  • The technical team were overwhelmed with customer requests
  • Customer requests were delayed due to poor management of technical team availability
  • Customers were not updated on their request status promptly Customers were frustrated with the overall support service due to poor communication and slow response time.
  • Dissatisfied customers leave negative reviews that affect the client’s brand reputation.
  • Clear records of requests were not maintained, leading to incomplete customer request history.


  • BISTEC formulated a dedicated team of IT services coordinators, with the correct skills following a consultative approach using BISTEC’s years of experience in IT service coordination. The team performed high quality, customer-focused case management with  24X7 operations.

Tools & Technology



  • Customers have 24 x 7 coverage when requesting support services.
  • Smooth service coordination between customers and the technical team, ensuring happy customers as well as a happy technical team.
  • High quality customer focused management of requests
  • The IT services team speeded up the process of resolving customer requests successfully, by enabling the engineers to focus on technical work
  • Clear records of customer requests are maintained providing complete request history and relevant information

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