Document Management Solution with SharePoint & Power Platform .

Document Management Solution with SharePoint & Power Platform


Our client provides disability services that are required to maintain detailed documentation of their user behavior and needs, which amounts to more than 10,000 documents across the organization.

Most of the documents are required to be updated monthly before expiry.

These documents were stored from local folders to multiple software systems

Key Challenges;

  • Users were unable to search & access the documents as there were multiple storage places/systems
  • Employees did not refer to the documents as it should be in performing their duties resulting in less efficiency & effectiveness, since it was difficult to find documents.
  • Many duplicates of documents as new copies were created whenever someone could not find the required document
  • Documents were not updated as users often forgot about expiry date of the document, which resulted in nonconformities when government & other audits took place
  • Management was not able to get an overview of the documents & their health

Technology & Solutions

  • Power Apps was used as an easy interface for the users to locate, access & manage documents easily
  • Power Automate to manage document approvals & sending automatic reminders on document expiry
  • Power Bi isualizing the document overview & health via a dashboard for the management
  • SharePoint Online to store documents in a single system & providing features such as access controls, audit trails, etc.



  • Easy & secure access of documents as all the document were accessed via PowerApps interface
  • Increased document usage resulting in improved efficiency of work
  • No nonconformities during audits as documents were updated on time
  • Up to date documents as users were remaindered automatically on document

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