Digital Marketing Strategy for a leading jet charter service in the UK

Digital Marketing Strategy for a leading jet charter service in the UK


Our customer is a leading private jet charter service in the United Kingdom. They provide 3 main services:

  • Private jet charter
  • Air Ambulance
  • Aircraft management.

Our client required help with some of the following:

Key requirements;

  • A digital marketing strategy to explore social media platforms for inbound lead generation.
  • They wanted to make more strategic partnerships
  • Our client wanted to promote brand awareness around the world


BISTEC developed a solution to this problem by using the software LinkedIn and:

  • Conducted a deep research based on our client’s industry, services, competitors, and target demographic.
  • BISTEC identified 3 distinct target audiences for the 3 services and set up 3 different LinkedIn campaigns.
  • Used Sales Navigator and LinkedIn to map out their target audience, set up the target searches and create the message scripts as well as LinkedIn outreach messages and maps.

Tools & Technology


As an outcome our client was able to:

  • Integrate LinkedIn marketing into the core of their marketing strategy and activities.
  • Our client was able to make important strategic connections with lifestyle company decision-makers
  • The CEO of the company was able to expand his LinkedIn network with decision makers among their target industries
  • They were able to use the generated leads through the content marketing & outreach activities on LinkedIn

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