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National Population & Housing Census 2021


Our customer is a fully government-owned technology company of a prominent nation in Southeast Asia. The population and housing census process of this nation up to now has been a completely manual process.

Key Requirements;

  • The objective of this engagement was to digitize their national population and housing census process.
  • To go from collection to analysis and visualization taking the advantage of global technological advancements.


The solution consists of three stages as given below.

Stage 01, Develop an application consists of a Back Office Portal for the relevant staff of the Ministry of Finance and Economy, a mobile application for the Census Enumerators.

Stage 02, Consists of the online census survey form accessible to every citizen of this nation willing to participate in the online submission.

Stage 03, Required for the Back Office Portal to be further enhanced to allow the tracking of offline census participants, the corresponding data entry of manually collected data, and the coding entry for every participating citizen.

Key solution highlights

  • Agile / SCRUM framework was followed and practiced
  • Discover requirements, define the solution, architecture, and development of the system
  • Established operational and development process for smooth project execution
  • Established required DevOps processes

Tools & Technology



Achievement of the digitization target for the 2021 census and implementation of a fully-fledged census application consisting of website, mobile app, and back-office portal

BISTEC was responsible for,

  • Providing responsive and secure census questionnaire online form for citizens
  • Providing a mobile application for enumerators to conduct a pre-enumeration process
  • Generating and maintaining unique ID for each housing unit of this nation
  • Providing a secure Back Office Portal for enumerators and officers to manage census process and pre/post census data
  • Providing automated and customizable data cleansing and data coding module to manage post census data
  • Integration with other government agencies to validate and verify the census data

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