Building a successful remote team for an Australian marketing agency

Building a successful remote team for an Australian marketing agency


Our customer is a holistic creative agency with expertise in branding, strategy, digital marketing, website development, and content creation.  was officially launched in 2015 with an in-house team and a team of trusty freelancer developers who came together to achieve the objectives of the company. 

In order to cater to this new set of needs, they needed to expand their development team. They tried to do this with local talent, but this was met with the following challenges.

Key Challenges;

  • Our customer was having a lot of trouble sourcing qualified local people with the right skill set.
  • Local freelance software developers are costly, and they are frequently found to be unreliable.
  • The business recognized that onboarding new freelancers on a regular basis was consuming a lot of their time.
  • As the demand for their client services increased , they needed to expand its development team.


  • BISTEC initiated the process of forming an extended team by identifying the needs of the customer.
  • We developed a model that would align successfully with the company’s goals.
  • BISTEC then identified several candidates who were found to possess the skillset needed to carry out the work.
  • Formed the team with involvement of customer, right from the start with initial screening of the candidates


  • The involvement of our customer in the selection process resulted in choosing correct offshore team members with the required skill set & suits their culture.
  • The customer was able to expand the offering to their customers while keeping the cost at a realistic model.
  • With the all-round skills offered by BISTEC team, customer was able to venture into new business areas.

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