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Hearts Academy Day 2022

BISTEC Hearts Academy hosted its first-ever event that focused on developing soft and technical skills with over 100+ participants.  
The theme of the event is “Riding the Wave”; is to illustrate the resilience and skills professionals need to navigate change, uncertainty, and a dynamic world confidently. 

The event was held via Zoom and live streamed on our YouTube page. Recordings of the event and sessions are available on our YouTube page. 
A huge thanks to our well-experienced speakers for sharing their secrets and experiences to improvising skills you need for career or life success:  
– Sobia Zafar – Redefining success to create a life we love living. (Keynote speaker) 
– Sandun Fernando – Catching the ‘Perfect’ Wave
– Simon Bowden – Attract, Engage & Grow
– Chathuraka Waas – Nurturing a Product Mindset
– Anuradha Gajanayaka – The systems thinking: From #aragalaya to standing in a queue. 
Thank you to the participants who attended the Hearts Academy Day because without the participants it would not have been possible for this event to be successful. BISTEC Global values knowledge and sharpens it, so looking forward to joining you again at another momentous occasion. 

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