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Celebrating 6 Years of Heart-centred Growth and Success at BISTEC Global.

BISTEC Global, a company born from the singular passion of one heart to make a meaningful difference in the world, joyfully marks its 6th anniversary. In these remarkable six years, our company has evolved into a flourishing business, propelled by the commitment and dedication of over 160 passionate individuals, each contributing to our ongoing positive impact on the world.

The heart-centred culture, encapsulated in the motto “We Have HEARTS, Not Just Heads,” has been a driving force behind our success. This guiding principle has been instrumental in steering our journey, emphasizing the belief that by prioritizing people, we can collectively shape a brighter future for all. Consequently, BISTEC Global has been recognized as a great place to work, offering opportunities for growth and innovation.

We’ve achieved several milestones over the past six years, including the launch of new products and services and expansion into new markets. These milestones have solidified our company’s position as a leader in the IT services and consulting industry.

On our 6th anniversary, we celebrated this memorable day with all our hearts, reflecting on the incredible journey, milestones, and the fantastic community that has made it all possible. As we look back on the past six years, we are grateful for the achievements that have made this journey possible.

Looking ahead, we are committed to continuing the journey of growth, innovation, and success with our family of hearts.

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