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Digital Services

Today, 60% of the world is online. Nothing is left out in today’s digital world. Therefore, we offer a carefully selected set of digital services including digital marketing and lead generation services, operational back-office services, and drafting services.

Digital Marketing Services

Content Marketing Services

  • Content mapping, planning, and scheduling
  • Content creation
  • Content optimization and editing
  • Content publishing and promoting 
  • Content reporting and statistics

LinkedIn Services

  • Creating your LinkedIn strategy
  • Optimizing your LinkedIn profile
  • Mapping your target audience on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator
  • Expanding your network of potential clients
  • LinkedIn content and engagement

Drafting Services

  • Mechanical services
  • Civil services
  • Electrical services
  • 3D Visualization services

Operational Services

  • Systems operation and support
  • Administration functions
  • Application support
  • Generation of management reports and more based on your needs. 

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