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CAD Team for Engineering Consultancy Company in Canada

September 19, 2022


Our client is one of the leading Canadian companies that provide consultancy services for construction projects.

Mainly they needed an added CAD support team for their business with the idea of cost-effectively sharing the workload among the teams. Therefore, the in-house drafters would be able to give more attention and maximum potential to the onsite projects. 


  • BISTEC provided a CAD team consisting of two drafters for the Civil engineering and MEP projects. 
  • Our drafters collaborate directly with the Consultancy firm’s engineers and communicate with them daily. 
  • The progress and process are reviewed monthly by our CAD team. 

Tools & Technology

Auto CAD Civil 3d - consultancyTeams - CADOutlook - CAD  One drive - CADSharepoint


  • There was a reduction in the cost of direct recruitment for the Engineering Consultancy Firm. 
  • The engineering consultancy firm had very less administrative and HR work since the company didn’t have to go through the process of recruiting new staff. 
  • The In-house drafters were able to focus more on their onsite projects. 
CAD team

Winning social media and branding strategy for a retail consultancy

August 29, 2022


Our customer is an Irish-based retail strategist who owns a retail consultancy and works with specialty retail chains, suppliers, and brands. 

Key requirements 

During the pandemic, our client identified an opportunity to support the local trade and retail business community with her expertise in retail and digital trading strategies.

She wanted to refocus and retarget her marketing efforts towards local retail and trade as well as the local councils and associations.  

Our client needed help with rebuilding her social media strategy as well as the digital marketing strategy and promoting her brand among the local businesses.

Despite being active on social media she didn’t have a consistent brand online or content marketing plan to execute her revised business and marketing objectives.

Due to this, she faced the following challenges:

  • The content published did not have a clear focus or thought leadership area
  • Ad-hoc content posting on social media
  • No clear branding in the posts
  • Videos and content were not professionally edited and didn’t include the brand (logos and brand colours)
  • No insights into her publishing statistics to understand the engagement and reach


We provided our client with content marketing, social media management, and branding services to build her brand presence online and promote her business among the local retail community.

We helped our client with our best practices plus technologies and tools to build brand presence and promote her business among the local retail community.

Mainly by using all social media channels while using LinkedIn as one of the main marketing platforms to build and engage a relationship with her targeted audience.

Technology and Tools

LinkedIn marketing  LinkedIn sales navigator marketing  Instagram marketing Facebook marketing Camtasia video Canva social media


  • Successfully launched two commercial forums for independent retail business owners to gain exclusive support, trading insights, and benefits.  
  • Built a consistent brand identity and presence across all social media channels. 
  • The number of impressions and engagement grew significantly on all social media channels within the initial 3 months. 
  • Clear insights on the content and media with high engagement and reach on each social media platform due to the frequent analysis of the publishing stats.
  • Our client was able to generate leads through the new social media and branding strategy implemented through all the social media channels. 
social media

Built the brand of an Aussie-based property investment and marketing services agency.

August 29, 2022


Our customer is an end-to-end Property Investment and Marketing service providing agency, based out of Melbourne, Australia. 

Our customer (The managing director of the company) required lead generation and content generation services on LinkedIn for his property investment company. 

The firm’s target market was Southeast Asian countries, and the target demographic was the affluent members of the society in those countries. 

Correspondingly, our client had the following key requirements; 

  • Generating leads to invest in Grit’s luxury investment properties in Australia and Sri Lanka. 
  • Trying and improving a different online approach apart from cold emails, newsletters, and online ads. 
  • Wanted to connect with his target demographic personally, share wealth creation and investment advice, and establish a more personable and trusted brand identity online. 


To engage with investors interested in investment advice and tips on wealth creation, BISTEC formed a highly effective marketing team that used LinkedIn as the primary marketing platform to identify the target demographic. 

  • First of all, we focused on building brand awareness and the firm’s LinkedIn network (with the target demographic) by maintaining the company’s LinkedIn page. 
  • Then we used his personal profile to directly connect with potential leads by sending connection requests, thank-you messages, and sharing article links among the networks. This was done to establish his brand as the property investment expert and as the face of the company. 
  • Helped to boost the company’s brand presence and provide value by creating and publishing curated content, writing articles, and editing videos. 
  • We also published statistics and weekly or monthly updates about the leads and the content generation services we provided. 

Tools and technology

LinkedIn marketing   LinkedIn sales navigator marketing   Canva marketing    Rev 


  • Our client gained sound reach and visibility among his target demographic from more than 10 Southeast Asian countries through the expansion and growth of his LinkedIn network. 
  • The number of leads increased gradually and also, our team was able to sustain the incoming leads through the LinkedIn presence and content marketing. 
  • Received more collaboration opportunities. 
  • The client was able to build a brand presence, as a credible property investment expert, keen on providing valuable investment advice with the intent to help and solve problems. 
LinkedIn service

Digital Marketing Strategy for a leading jet charter service in the UK

November 16, 2021


Our customer is a leading private jet charter service in the United Kingdom. They provide 3 main services:

  • Private jet charter
  • Air Ambulance
  • Aircraft management.

Our client required help with some of the following:

Key requirements;

  • A digital marketing strategy to explore social media platforms for inbound lead generation.
  • They wanted to make more strategic partnerships
  • Our client wanted to promote brand awareness around the world


BISTEC developed a solution to this problem by using the software LinkedIn and:

  • Conducted a deep research based on our client’s industry, services, competitors, and target demographic.
  • BISTEC identified 3 distinct target audiences for the 3 services and set up 3 different LinkedIn campaigns.
  • Used Sales Navigator and LinkedIn to map out their target audience, set up the target searches and create the message scripts as well as LinkedIn outreach messages and maps.

Tools & Technology


As an outcome our client was able to:

  • Integrate LinkedIn marketing into the core of their marketing strategy and activities.
  • Our client was able to make important strategic connections with lifestyle company decision-makers
  • The CEO of the company was able to expand his LinkedIn network with decision makers among their target industries
  • They were able to use the generated leads through the content marketing & outreach activities on LinkedIn

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